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eT4® META - FeedCheck
Entry Point
Analyzes a GeoRssFeed and shows the contained errors and warnings.
Parameter Type Description
e (-> eT4.META-search:experience) String The experience specifies the name of the project data pool to be used.  (obligatory)
url String Url to GeoRssFeed taht shall be analyzed.
type (-> eT4.META-search:type) String Used to specify the main content type/topic to search. Hotel, Event, Gastro, Tour, POI, City, Area, Package, Article or Web.
mkt (-> eT4.META-search:mkt) String This parameter determines the language in which the content is to be returned.

You can fill the vour parameters in the feedcheck itself, just call feedcheck.aspx. Then click at button "Check" to analyze the GeoRssFeed.

Sample 1:

Check out more samples at our API-Explorer:



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