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Entry Point (Handler only) (With  Page/Selectors/and more)


The print on demand handler can convert any object from eT4 META into pdf based on a template.

Parameter Type Description
t (-> eT4.META-search:template) String The template determines the output format of the data and the desired version of the eT4®META schemas.
e (-> eT4.META-search:experience) String The experience specifies the name of the project data pool to be used.  (obligatory)
type (-> eT4.META-search:type) String Used to specify the main content type/topic to search. Hotel, Event, Gastro, Tour, POI, City, Area, Package, Article or Web.
h String Hashlink. (can be ","-seperated list to print more than one object)
q (-> eT4.META-search:q) String Search queries can be defined with the parameter Q, so that the amount of data returned is constrained. For more details see chapter Query Language - Introduction and Query Language - Prefixes.
request (-> eT4.META-search:request) String Multirequest. Instead of post x search request, you can put all into one call.
limit (-> eT4.META-search:limit) Integer The number of returned records is limited to the specified value.
offset (-> eT4.META-search:offset) Integer The result list starts from the defined offset value.
fn (-> ecMAPS PRINT on DEMAND-FoP:fn) String              Filename (only used if rcd=true)
mbu (-> ecMAPS PRINT on DEMAND-FoP:mbu) String MapsBaseUrl
cookie String Cookiename (used in aspx file to get to know when file is ready to be downloaded)
ortn String OverrideTemplateName. Possible values: Default, DefaultCompact, DefaultBookletA7 (Default: Default)
rcd (-> ecMAPS PRINT on DEMAND-FoP:rcd) Boolean RenderContentDistributation. If true, PDF will be downloaded, if false, it will be displayed winthin browser.
a (-> ecMAPS PRINT on DEMAND-FoP:a) String Action (Default: Fo2Pdf)
b (-> ecMAPS PRINT on DEMAND-FoP:b) String Branding (Default: eT4)
mkt (-> eT4.META-search:mkt) String This parameter determines the language in which the content is to be returned.
title (-> ecMAPS PRINT on DEMAND-FoP:title) String Title of document
Sample 1: Simple Print of one object
Sample 2: Print one object with more parameters
Sample 3: Print 10 hotels with compact-template
Sample 4: Travellingplan, 2 objects per module via aspx handler

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