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Aggregate data, refine, search, and provide

Separate databases, and frames were yesterday - eT4® META now combines everything that belongs together. More clarity for your guest: The best free text search and the fastest metasearch service. Your guest will find exactly what they expected!
eT4® META is channel management, search engine optimization, process improvement and increase of sales combined in one awesome product.

Function Description
Crawler Crawlers are used to get your data into eT4 META.
ElevationProfile Creates an elevation profile of a tour and returns it as png image. (Obsolete: please check out the new ElevationProfileChart)
FeedCheck Analyzes a GeoRssFeed and shows the contained errors and warnings.
ImageResizer Resizes images. eT4® META returns the original sized images. To display them in a list view, they have to be resized.
rest.ashx - AutoComplete Returns autocomplete-string based on a term.
rest.ashx - Categories The eT4® META categories service returns all available categories for the specified project.
rest.ashx - Features The eT4®META Features service returns all available features for the specified project.
rest.ashx - HyperSearch The eT4®META Hyper search is a meta-search based on meta-data.
rest.ashx - KeyTerms The eT4®META KeyTerms service returns keyterms to one object.
rest.ashx - Routing Calculates a route based on start and end latitude/longitude with turn-by-turn information.
rest.ashx - Script Returns javascript from eT4® MAPS plugins.
rest.ashx - Search The search service returns the project data. You can use query language to filter the results and there are several methods for sorting.
rest.ashx - ShortenUrl eT4® META Url-Shortener.
rest.ashx - Style Returns css from eT4® MAPS plugins.
rest.ashx - TopTerms Returns topterms.
rest.ashx - Types The types service returns a list of available topics.
StaticMaps Creates a static map image based on latlong or hashlink.
Templates Templates are used to get data from eT4 META.



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