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eT4® META - ElevationProfileChart
Entry Point
Creates an elevation profile of a tour and returns it as svg or png image.

Calculated parameters:

Parameter Type Description
rendersize String Small: width * height <= 102000 (400x225)
Medium: width * height <= 440000 (800x550)
Big: width * height > 440000

Parameter Type Description
experience (-> eT4.META-search:experience) String The experience specifies the name of the project data pool to be used.  (obligatory)
GlobalId String Globalid of tour (obligatory (or Path))
Path String Google-encoded polyline path (obligatory (or globalid))
Width Integer Width of rendered image. Default: 400
Height Integer Height of rendered image. Default: 225
Export String Exporttype (Svg or Png). Default: Svg
ActivateCaching Boolean Shall caching be activated? Default: true
AddElevations Boolean Shall min/max elevation be rendered in chart? Default: false
AddOfftrackWaypoints Boolean Shall offtrackwaypoints be rendered in chart? Default: false
AddSurfaces Boolean Shall surface be rendered as linecolor in chart? Default: false
AddSurfacesArea Boolean Shall Surfaces be rendered as area?
AddWaypoints Boolean Shall waypoints be rendered in chart? Default: false
AutoCalcSteps Boolean Shall the x and y axes steps be calculated (passed parameters will be ignorden)? Default: true
ShowOfftrackWaypointDistance Boolean Shall the distance of waypoints be rendered in chart? Default: true
ShowWaypointsTitle Boolean Shall the title of waypoints be rendered in chart? Default: true
ShowMinorAxis Boolean Shall minor axis be shown? Default: false
WaypointsOnLine Boolean Shall waypoints be rendered on char-line? Default false
AreaColor Hex-Color Color of area below chartline. Default: #457F3920
AxisXLabelColor Hex-Color Color of x-axis labels. Default: #000000
AxisYLabelColor Hex-Color Color of y-axis labels. Default: #000000
CountAxisValues Integer There will be at least this amount of mayor axis labels. Default: 3, 4, 5 (based on chartsize)
FontSize Integer Size of labels. Default: 10, 12, 14 (based on chartsize)
LineColor Hex-Color Color of chart-line. Default: #457F39
LineSize Integer Width of chart-line. Default: 2, 3, 4 (based on chartsize)
MajorGridlineColor Hex-Color Color of mayor grid line. Default: #99999960
MajorGridlineStyle String Style of mayor grid line (Solid, Dash, Dot, DashDot, DashDashDot, DashDotDot, DashDashDotDot, LongDash, LongDashDot, LongDashDotDot, None, Automatic). Default: Solid
MajorGridlineThickness Integer Width of major gridline. Default: 1
MajorStepX Integer X-axis major steps. Default: 10 (if AutoCalcSteps is false)
MajorStepY Integer Y-axis major steps. Default: 100 (if AutoCalcSteps is false)
MajorTickSize Integer Size of major ticks. Default: 1
MinorGridlineColor Hex-Color Color of minor grid line. Default: #99999960
MinorGridlineStyle String Style of minor grid line (Solid, Dash, Dot, DashDot, DashDashDot, DashDotDot, DashDashDotDot, LongDash, LongDashDot, LongDashDotDot, None, Automatic). Default: Dot
MinorGridlineThickness Integer Width of minor gridline. Default: 1
MinorStepX Integer X-axis minor steps. Default: 10 (if AutoCalcSteps is false)
MinorStepY Integer Y-axis minor steps. Default: 10 (if AutoCalcSteps is false)
MinorTickSize Integer Size of minor ticks. Default: 1
PlotAreaBackground Hex-Color Color of chart background. Default: Transparent
PlotAreaBorderColor Hex-Color Color of chart border. Default: #000000
PlotAreaBorderThickness Integer Width of chart border. Default: 1
PlotMarginTop Integer Chart top margin. Default: 30, 50, 70 (based on chartsize) (only used if WaypointsOnLine = false)
PlotPadding Integer Chart padding. Default: 25
PointBorderSize Integer Size of waypoint border. Default: 1, 2, 2 (based on chartsize)
PointColor Hex-Color Color of waypoint. Default: #333333
PointFillColor Hex-Color Color of waypoint background. Default: #ffffff
PointFontSize Integer Size of waypoint label. Default: 10, 20, 26 (based on chartsize)
PointLabelColor Hex-Color Color of waypoint label. Default: #000000
PointLabelRotation Integer Rotation of waypoint label. Default: -30 (only used if WaypointsOnLine = false)
PointLineColor Hex-Color Color of waypoint line. Default: #457F39 (only used if WaypointsOnLine = true)
PointLineStyle String Style of waypoint line (Solid, Dash, Dot, DashDot, DashDashDot, DashDotDot, DashDashDotDot, LongDash, LongDashDot, LongDashDotDot, None, Automatic). Default: DashDotDot
PointMinMaxElevationColor Hex-Color Point color of min/max elevation values in chart. Default: #000000
PointSize Integer Waypoint size. Default: 5, 8, 11 (based on chartsize)
PointStrokeThickness Integer Strokesize of waypoint. Default: 1, 2, 3 (based on chartsize)
PointStyle String Style of waypoint icon (None, Circle, Square, Diamond, Triangle, Cross, Plus, Star, Custom). Default: Custom
PointTextLength Integer Maxlength of waypoint label. Default: 20
LineColorUnknown Hex-Color
LineColorStreet Hex-Color
LineColorAsphalt Hex-Color
LineColorGravel Hex-Color
LineColorTrail Hex-Color
LineColorPath Hex-Color
LineColorTrackless Hex-Color
LineColorViaFerrata Hex-Color
LineColorSnow Hex-Color
LineColorDismount Hex-Color
LineColorLift Hex-Color
LineColorFerry Hex-Color
AreaColorUnknown Hex-Color
AreaColorStreet Hex-Color
AreaColorAsphalt Hex-Color
AreaColorGravel Hex-Color
AreaColorTrail Hex-Color
AreaColorPath Hex-Color
AreaColorTrackless Hex-Color
AreaColorViaFerrata Hex-Color
AreaColorSnow Hex-Color
AreaColorDismount Hex-Color
AreaColorLift Hex-Color
AreaColorFerry Hex-Color

We can create an experience-based predefinied config for you.

Sample 1: Simple
Sample 2: Customized

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