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eT4® META - Search
Entry Point
TemplateBased-XML-Response TemplateBased-JSON-Response TemplateBased-Protobuff-Response
The search service returns the project data. You can use query language to filter the results and there are several methods for sorting.


The service can be accessed via HTTP GET and returns XML or JSON data.

Templates are used to specify the format of the results.

A search query can be defined for filtering. You can use various filters and combine them using boolean logic.


Basic parameters

Parameter Type Description
experience String The experience specifies the name of the project data pool to be used.  (obligatory)
licensekey String To access non-public projects (experiences) the license key must be specified.
template String The template determines the output format of the data and the desired version of the eT4®META schemas.  (Default: ecMapsGeoRssFeed).
type String Used to specify the main content type/topic to search. Hotel, Event, Gastro, Tour, POI, City, Area, Package, Article or Web.
q QuerySearchString Search queries can be defined with the parameter Q, so that the amount of data returned is constrained. For more details see chapter Query Language - Introduction and Query Language - Prefixes.
sort String The result can be sorted via this parameter. See more details in the Query Language Introduction chapter.
mkt String This parameter determines the language in which the content is to be returned.(Default: de-DE)
limit Integer The number of returned records is limited to the specified value.
offset Integer The result list starts from the defined offset value.
facets Boolean If true, facets will be written into the result. (Default: false)

Map parameters

Parameter Type Description
nwlatitude Double North West latitude of the area of selection.
nwlongitude Double North West longitude in the area of selection.
selatitude Double South-East latitude in the selection area.
selongitude Double South-East longitude of the area of selection.

Sorting (GEO) parameters

Parameter Type Description
latitude Double Current position sorted by distance. Has to be combined with the longitude - parameter.
longitude Double Current position sorted by distance. Has to be combined with the latitude - parameter.
distance Integer Search: Distance in meters, for the results to be output. This parameter must be used in combination with the the latitude and longitude parameters.

Datetime parameters

Parameter Type Description
startdate Date Startdate of search. Has to be combined with the enddate - parameter.
enddate Date Enddate of search. Has to be combined with the startdate - parameter.

Expert parameters

Parameter Type Description
categoryOutputMode String Defines how the trees should be outputed (all, leafes, ...)
mode String Extended time-intervall-search (next-week, next-month, ...)
predefined String Use predefined searchquerys. Use TODO to get all predefined searchquerys.
request JSON Multirequest. Instead of post x search request, you can put all into one call.
unrollIntervals Boolean Unroll timeintervals to split up multiple occurrences of one item into several items. only valid with startdate, enddate and sort=start asc for chronological lists. See Sample
unique Boolean If set to true, duplicate object will be removed and only unique object will be rendered in the response.
Query Language

The integrated Query Language can be used to filter the result.

A full-text search and several Query prefixes are available, which can limit the result.

Most of these prefixes can be used for sorting.

By default the results are sorted by their relevance given the search query.


For a detailed explanation of the query parameter, see Query Language - Introduction.

For a collection of all available prefixes, look at Query Language - Prefixes.


For more Samples, check out our eT4® META API Explorer



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