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Configurable parameters
Parameter Description
template Page beeing used for streaming function. This is a empty page with the homepagelayout. There shall be two placeholders. "[eT4 Title]" where the title of the pages will be rendered and [eT4 Pages] where the maincontroll will be rendered. Sample: The result with this template-url will be
subdomain subdomain of the project.
Display settings
Parameter Description
sort Defines the default sort mode if not set via url parameter. Possible values: relevance, changedrelevance, random, title, price (only available in hotel), bookablefirst (only available in hotel), chronological (only available in events). Default: relevance (chronological in events)
view Defines the default view template if not set via url parameter. Possible values: list, gallery, map, calendar (only available in events)
cal_view Default mode of calendar (only available in events). Possible values: month, agendaWeek, agendaDay, basicDay
mode Default time search mode if not set via url parameter. (currently only available in events). Possible values: next_months (possible with int-value: next_months,4), now, next_hours (possible with int-value: next_hours,5), today, this_weekend, next_weekend, next_days (possible with int-value: next_days,7), date (or date,today,tomorrow)
available_mode Overrides the default search logic. See "mode" for possible values.
predefined_teaser If set, predefined blocks will be shown on the detail page. See eT4.META: predefined
Template offsets
Parameter Description
header Header-offset / header-height.
footer Footer-offset / footer-height.
scroll Scrolling-offset.
scroll_element Id of the element that shall be used for scrollbar (own scrollbar). Default: scrollbar of the whole html page.
Parameter Description
confirm_email_template Template used to send the mails.
Hyper settings
Parameter Description
changed_days_on_search_all Only check hyper-data on object if it has been changed/updated in the last x days.
default_sort Sets the default-sort of the hyper data if the button "only show available objects" has been clicked. Possible values: pricebookablefirst
Widget settings
Parameter Description
zopim: enabled Enables/disables the zopim chat module.
zopim: widget_id Zopim-Widget-Id, if you want to use your own zopim module.
google analytics: enabled Enables/disables the google analytics module.
google analytics: widget_id Google-Analytics-Widget-Id (can be used more than once).
embed_dialog: enabled Enables/disables the "embedding"-button.
trust you: enabled Enables/disables the TrustYou module.
smart banner: enabled Enables/disables the app-ads on all pages (incl. iOS, Android). Default: false.
smart banner: name App-Name (needed for iOs < 6 and Android).
smart banner: author App-Author (needed for iOs < 6 and Android).
smart banner: price App-Price. Default: free. (needed for iOs < 6 and Android).
smart banner: icon Url to app-icon (needed for iOs < 6 and Android).
smart banner: apple_itunes_app Meta-header for iOS (see apple documentation)
smart banner: google_play_app Meta-header for Android. The complete package-name has to be set here.
Color settings
Parameter Description
body Complete eT4.PAGES (css: .et4_pages_body).
hyperlink All hyperlinks (css: a, #facets .badge).
hyperlink_hover All hyperlinks (hover) (css: a:hover).
search_button Search-Button (css: #searchbutton).
booking_message Hyper-API messages (css: .more_bookable_results, .booking_message)
category_tag Category tags (css: .btn_category)
kitchen_tag Kitchen tags (css: .btn_kitchen)
detail_link All Detail-hyperlinks, sort-dropdown, panel accommodation (css: a.detail_button.btn-primary, #detail_links a, #accommodate_detail_form .btn-primary, .social_share_privacy_area .btn-primary, .acc-search.panel-heading, #sortwrapper .btn,  #sortwrapper .dropdown-menu a:hover, #sortwrapper .dropdown-menu a:focus, .acc-price .text-primary, .acc-default.panel-default, #acc-search-panel, .accommodation_button)
booking_link Booking-Buttons (css: a.detail_button.btn-success, .acc-bookable .btn-success, .acc-price .text-success, .acc-bookable.panel-default)
facets Active facets. Inverted at hyperlinks (css: #autocomplete_selections span.label.label-facet, #facets .active .badge, #facets .active a)

Possible color settings: color, background-color

Portal settings
Parameter Description
title Portal-Title



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