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Print high quality maps with this service.

Entrypoints: eT4 or eT4 standalone module,,

Parameter Type Description
theme String For standalone module use theme=contentonly.
style String Preselected map style
public styles: gm:kompass-sommer, gm:kompass-sommer-meta, gm:kompass-winter, gm:kompass-winter-meta, gm:mairs-sommer, mapnik:falk-osm, mapnik:kompass-osm, mapnik:kompass-winter-osm, mapnik:green-solutions-web, mapnik:green-solutions-winteroverlays
referrer String Referrer per customer / embedded location. Max change the available map styles. Use in coordination with hubermedia.
geo String Start geocoding
type String Load a content layer (has to be used with id or tourids parameter).
id Integer Load a content layer (has to be used with type parameter).
tourids Integer Load multiple tours as layers (has to be used with type parameter).



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