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    <ec:relation guid="09CD55BA4483F03DA6C695406F4236F6" category="Poi" type="Entlang der Tour">Parkplatz 1</ec:relation>
    <ec:relation guid="AFCD55BA4483F03DA6C695406F4236C5" category="Hotel">Hotel am Berg</ec:relation>
    <ec:relation guid="B0CD55BA4483F03DA6C695406F423601" category="Hotel" type="Partnerhotel">Hotel vorm Berg</ec:relation>

You can link objects together by using this element.

The relations can be cross-linked. The relation only has to be available in the experience, not the feed.

Key for linking is the guid element of the objects.

Possible values for attribute "category":

Attribute "type" is optional.

If guid is not found in the experience, it will be ignored.



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