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This chapter is aimed at content partners. Content partner refers to partners who deliver dynamic content to eT4.META (content syndication).


The exchange format for dynamic content is standardized GeoRSS feed. For more information and a general introduction to the specifications take a look at Why did we choose this kind of format is selected? GeoRSS feeds are based on the coom and widespread technology of RSS feeds. The advantage is that you do not have to worry about technical development of the interface. Only the content level, the necessary meta informations, have to be defined. Therefor the implementation can be kept simple and the cost of interface development and projects can stay low. The fact that it is an established standard the individual feeds can be used for other projects. Thus, the feeds are used for non-recurring engineering costs for a variety of projects and clients. Particularly interesting for content providers is likely to be the fact that there is here no central data storage. The contents remain with content partners and can be accessed in real time.


Each item-tag represents one item (one pindata object). 

You can find more information about the feed structure in these articles:

Take a look at the xsd-schema for the GeoRSS-Feeds.


You can test your generated feed with our FeedChecker.

Therefore you need your experience-name, because every experience can have their very own categories an requirements for data quality.


Content partners have to support at least these parameters. There has to be a standalone feed for every type (Hotel, Event, Gastro, Tour, POI, City, Area, Package, Article)

Parameter Type Description Sample
startdate (-> eT4.META-search:startdate) Date Startdate &startdate=01.10.2015
enddate (-> eT4.META-search:enddate) Date Enddate &enddate=31.10.2015
starttime Time Starttime &starttime=08:00:00
endtime Time Endtime &endtime=18:00:00
mkt (-> eT4.META-search:mkt) String This parameter determines the language in which the content is to be returned. &mkt=de-DE
bookable Boolean Only return items that are online bookable &bookable=true
people Integer Search for bookable items for that many people (see eT4.META-hypersearch:occupation for more information, but keep in mind, that people only represents adult-count without children information) &people=2
childages List of Integer Search for bookable items for these children ages (see eT4.META-hypersearch:occupation for more information, but keep in mind, that childages only represents the childages without people) &childages=3,5,12
template String It is possible for one feed to be integrated in different projects with some changes within the feed itself. Possible values: iphone, esuchwas, empty (Default: empty) &template=iphone


Automatical Georeference

If you can not provide latitude/longitude values for your objects, it is possible to use a geocoder to get these data based on the adress. To use this feature, you have to fill the item elements ec:street, ec:plz, ec:city and ec:country

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<ec:street>Metzengasse 2</ec:street>



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