hubermedia documentation 2015 html
Parameter Type Description
rcd Boolean RenderContentDistributation. If true, PDF will be downloaded, if false, it will be displayed winthin browser.
a String Action (Default: Fo2Pdf)
b String Branding (Default: eT4)
mkt (-> eT4.META-search:mkt) String This parameter determines the language in which the content is to be returned.
e (-> eT4.META-search:experience) String The experience specifies the name of the project data pool to be used.  (obligatory)
xml String Url to XML-File
xslt String Url to XSLT-FO-File
t (-> eT4.META-search:type) String Used to specify the main content type/topic to search. Hotel, Event, Gastro, Tour, POI, City, Area, Package, Article or Web.
title String Title of document
fn String Filename (only used if rcd=true)
mbu String MapsBaseUrl



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