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Prefixes - Default
Field Type Sort Sample Description
title Query.Standard Yes


sort=title asc

 You can search for a word in the title.

If the title field (see: title) is used for sort: asc = A-Z, desc = Z-A

category Query.Singleword Yes


sort=category asc

Search for a specific category. No full-text search is performed, the whole category name must be supplied including spaces, umlauts and accents.

The field can be sorted.


See Also: Falk Connected API - Categories

keyword Query.Singleword No


 Search for a certain keyword / tag. No full-text search is performed.

rating_* Query.Rating Yes

q=rating_pricerange:[50 TO 100]

sort=rating_pricerange asc

 Any rating in the data pool can be queried. Ratings are always in the range of 0-100%.

The RatingType is appended to the prefix rating_ . (E.g. rating_pricerange: [50 TO 100] search == all with a pricerange rating of 50% or higher).

highlight Query.Boolean Yes


sort=highlight desc

 highlight:true returns only items that have the highlight flag.

When sorting, please use "sort=highlight desc", if the highlighted objects should appear first.

accessibility Query.Boolean Yes


sort=accessibility desc

Search for objects that are marked as accessible (barrier free).

When sorting, please use "sort=accessible desc", if the accessible objects should appear first.

child_friendly Query.Boolean Yes


sort=child_friendly desc

Search for child-friendly objects.

When sorting, please use "sort = familyfriendly desc", if the family-friendly objects should appear first.

globalid Query.Exact No


 Find an object based on it's global id. In the form: {ChannelId} _ {Id}

channelid Query.Integer No



The output is restricted to certain channels. (z.B. 1 = MairDumont, 2 =
sourceid Query.Exact No


 Search an object using the ID provided by the content provider partner. There are other filters necessary (e.g. channelid), since this ID is not unique.

contentid Query.Integer 1-10 Yes


sort=contentid asc

 The topic can be restricted with the ContentId. Following topics are available:



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