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Prefixes - Special
Field Type Sort Sample Description
all Query.All No

q=-category:Hotel AND all:all

q=systag:has_video OR all:all

A special type in the form "all: all" can be used.

This field is necessary so a pure negative search can be performed where there are no other inclusive criterias.

Example: "-category:Hotel" does not work, because there is no result set to remove hotels from => solution: "-category: Hotel AND" all:all"

systag Query.Systag No


Special data of the object can be queried with the systag- prefix.

So the value of "has_video" indicates whether the object has links of the type of "Video".

nearlinestring Query.Exact No


With nearlinestring it is possible that objects will be searched along a path. A perimeter can be specified, how wide the corridor is, in which to search.

nearhashlink Query.Exact No

q=nearhashlink:~30km 86...A06

The surrounding items are displayed to the selected object (using the GlobalId).

Furthermore, the RADIUS in km or m can be determined.

Regex: ^~(\d+)(k?m) ([A-Z0-9]{32,})



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