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Prefixes - Tour
Field Type Sort Sample Description
length Query.Integer Yes

q=length:[* TO 500]

sort=length asc

Filtering of data based on the length of the tour in m.

Ranges should be used here. ([1000 TO *] = tours with min. 1km in length)      

difficulty Query.Integer (0-5) Yes

q=difficulty:[* TO 3]

sort=difficulty asc

 An indication of the difficulty as integer value. The values of 1-5 are possible. (very easy, easy, medium, hard, very hard)

duration Query.Integer in s Yes

q=duration:[* TO 6000]

sort=duration asc

 Duration of the tour in minutes. Ranges can be used.

[60 TO *] = tour with at least one hour duration.

[15 TO 30] = tour in the range of 15-30 minutes.


altdiff Query.Integer Yes

q=altdiff:[* TO 300]

sort=altdiff asc

 Altitude supervisory and descent. Ranges can be used.

elevmax Query.Double Yes

q=elevmax:[* TO 1000]

sort=elevmax asc

 Maximum height above the sea level in meters. Ranges can be used.

elevmin Query.Double Yes

q=elevmin:[500 TO *]

sort=elevmin asc

 Minimum height above the sea level in meters. Ranges can be used.

round_tour Query.Boolean Yes


sort=round_tour desc

 roundtour:true returns tours, if they are a round trip

When sorting, please use "sort=roundtour desc", if the round trip objects should appear first.

rest_stop Query.Boolean Yes


sort=rest_stop desc

 reststop:true returns tours, where there is a possibility of refreshment along the tour.

When sorting, please use "sort = reststop desc", if objects with a possibility of refreshment along the tour should appear first.



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