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Top 10 tours with mountain

Get top 10 tours of category biking that do not contain "Berger" (mountains) in fulltextsearch

Solution AND -Berge&limit=10

Used parameters:

Parameter Value Description
experience demo-dahoam The experience specifies the name of the project data pool to be used.  (obligatory) Use this experience to get data from eT4.META-search.
type Tour Used to specify the main content type/topic to search. Hotel, Event, Gastro, Tour, POI, City, Area, Package, Article or Web. Set type to Tour.
q category: Radfahren AND -Berge Search queries can be defined with the parameter Q, so that the amount of data returned is constrained. For more details see chapter Query Language - Introduction and Query Language - Prefixes. Search field category = radfahren (Biking) and fulltext not berge (mountains).
limit 10 The number of returned records is limited to the specified value. Limit resultset to 10.
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