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eT4® META - StaticMapsScaledTour
Entry Point 
This handler creates scaled maps urls for tour.
Parameter Type Description
scale Integer Defines the mapscale 1:value
experience (-> eT4® META - Search: experience) String The experience specifies the name of the project data pool to be used.  (obligatory)
width (-> eT4® META - StaticMaps: width) Integer Target image width in pixel.
height (-> eT4® META - StaticMaps: height) Integer Target image height in pixel.
hashlink (-> eT4® META - StaticMaps: hashlink) String Hashlinks, It is possible to pass a comma-seperated hashlink-list.
project (-> eT4® META - StaticMaps: project) String StaticMaps-project that shall be used to render the image.
dpi Integer dots-per-inch: default: 96
addscalebar Boolean Defines if a scale-bar/legend shall be rendered in the map image
overlap Integer defines the overlappercentage: default: 5
output String output xml (default), img, debug
Sample 1:

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